El Rey Azteca – Real Mexican Food!


El Rey Azteca which means Aztec King!  This Real Mexican Restaurant was established by Gaston and Betsy Romero.  Gaston and his sister Betsy are excited to bring their Mexican traditional delicious recipes to us here in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  All of their homemade dishes and traditional recipes were passed down through generations for everyone to enjoy.  From mouth-watering homemade platters of their Authentic Ricos Desayunos dishes.  There is something for everyone to enjoy on their new menu. They have the traditional enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas to even sizzling fajitas.  You can finish your meal with Mexican or even Jamaican coffee and one of their tasty Mexican Delights enjoy Churros, Pastel De Tres Leches and many more. You can also try one of their specialty drinks and even relax at the bar quenching your thirst with their tasty drinks menu …you’ll definitely enjoy!  Check out their dinner menu every month with new delightful features created by Chef Gaston Romero there’s always something new on the menu to try.

Everyone that comes to El Rey Azteca is guaranteed to feast like an Aztec King!

Please come and enjoy…our Real Mexican Food

El Rey Azteca